Monday, 14 March 2011

Friday, 4 February 2011

Media in the online age

In media class we watched a video by Michael Wesch called ‘An anthropological introduction to YouTube.’ Wesch mentioned a numerous amount of things on media in the online age and about a certain R&B start named Soulja Boy who was discovered through youtube. I therefore decided to do some research on someone with a very similar story named Justin Bieber. Bieber is known worldwide and has a huge fan base, mainly young teenage girls. Justin born in March 1994 in Canada was interested in many young ‘kid things’ in his early teens although kept his musical aspirations to himself. As he grew he taught himself to play the piano, drums and the guitar. When Bieber was just 12 in 2007, he sang Ne-Yo’s ‘So sick’ for a local singing competition which his mother filmed and uploaded to Youtube. By accident, former marketing executive of So So Def; Scooter Braun clicked on Bieber’s video, he located Bieber’s school and contacted his mother in order to get permission to fly Bieber to Atlanta, Georgia to record demo tapes. A week after arriving Bieber sang for singer/ songwriter Usher, soon after he was signed to Raymond Braun Media Group a joint organization between Braun and Usher. Bieber’s first single ‘One time’ was released whilst still recording his debut album and topped charts worldwide.

Since his Youtube days Bieber’s net worth is said to be more than $25.5 Million, he has had many endorsement deals including a Justin Bieber jewelry line for women.

Hes also joined forces with Beats by Dr Dre to launch his own life of high quality headphones in his favourite colour purple.

Also due to his phenomenal success and huge fan base Justin Bieber fans made the Twitter server crash. This resulted Twitter into opening another whole server dedicated to him. He consumes 3% of Twitter’s resources at any given time. The rumours of the ‘Over capacity’ warning Twitter users were getting was true as a Twitter employee says "At any moment, Justin Bieber uses 3% of our infrastructure. Racks of servers are dedicated to him. - Twitter employee," Dustin Curtis tweeted.

Thursday, 3 February 2011